How do small and medium brands find social media influencers to blog about their products? How do bloggers with less than 50,000 followers find ways to monetize their audience? Hiip brings these two groups together on our custom built website. Eric has served as Chairman since inception, helping to direct the companies strategic growth plans.
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Myanmar Vineyards
If a retiree decides to move to the middle of Myanmar to start a winery/vineyard, what chances would you give for success? Fifteen years later, Eric helped broker the sale of this highly successful start-up to one of Myanmar’s premier companies.
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When you have successfully built your marketing research company to an Asian wide profile, how do you raise funding for the next stage of growth? E.three arranged to sell Cimigo to Hakuhodo (Japan).
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Focus Media China
Some people laughed at the idea of putting TV screens in lift lobbies and selling advertising. But Focus Media knew that this was the only way to capture the attention of the busy Chinese businessman.
As Vice Chairman of the privately listed company, Eric helped this Chinese media start-up determine their growth strategy and helped to lead their NASDAQ listing, at one time valuing the company at more than $7.5 billionVisit the Focus Media China website

Outdoor Solutions Group
Billboards have long been a non-data based business. Outdoor Solutions Group’s proprietary research based systems allowed it to deeply penetrate the market throughout South East Asia.Eric served as Chairman and helped the Company raise $35m in Venture Financing. The Company later exited by selling to News Corp and becoming News Outdoor Southeast Asia.

Focus Media Network
What works in one country may or may not work in another. By adapting the successful Focus Media China business model to other geographies, Focus Media Network became Number 1 in Hong Kong and Singapore. Recently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Eric serves as Independent Non-Executive Director and helps the Company determine its future market entry strategies.Visit the Focus Media website

Caelan Wright & Associates
Everyone knows about India based Call Centres. Caelan Wright takes a different approach, working primarily for the insurance industry in Thailand, where the majority of insurance is sold via Call Centres.Eric helped to found this Thailand based Call Centre, raise seed funding and plan its initial market entry strategy. He has recently stepped down as Chairman but remains on the Board to continue to help guide development.Visit the Caelan Wright & Associates website

Kingdom Breweries
Who would consider launching a micro-brewery in an emerging market such as Cambodia? After struggling with a non-successful launch, e.three was brought in to radically change the entire business proposition. e.three recommended a shift from an upscale expensive beer marketed to a small ex-pat community to a premium beer for the discerning aspirationally inclined Cambodian.Visit the Kingdom Breweries website

Ambient Digital
Founded as an internet based ad network, Ambient has evolved to become the largest digital media company in Southeast Asia- leading the market in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. Eric has been Chairman since shortly after Ambient’s inception and has helped to guide the strategic direction of the company.Visit the Ambient Digital website

MBMG Group
How to expand Asia’s Foremost Financial Advisory Practice, based in Thailand, to new markets? e.three’s advice was critical to this company’s growth strategy.Visit the MBMG Group’s website

West Indochina
Myanmar will be the next great opportunity for business growth. West Indochina is the leading advisory firm in the country and e.three has been helping West Indochina since its inception. West Indochina works with both Myanmar companies wishing to grow as well as international companies wishing to enter this exciting marketplace.
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