Corporate Strategic Advisory

Corporate Strategic Advisory
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Many existing companies achieve a certain level of success and then search for the next big idea to take them to the next level of growth. e.three’s proprietary “3 e” system (Explore, Execute, Evaluate) gives the top management team a structured framework to develop business building strategies.

EXPLORE involves:

  • Understanding our current business model
  • Breaking with the past and creating new boundaries
  • Developing alternate future paths
  • Creating our company’s new Success Plan


  • Set quantifiable goals
  • Create tactics to meet those goals
  • Determine the changes we need to make in our organization
  • Decide to whom and how to communicate our new Success Plan

With EVALUATE we review what we have accomplished, Follow-thru and give the Success Plans room to Evolve and change over time.

The 8 step “Ladder of Success” takes us through all these issues step by step.

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Start-Up Development

Startup Development Newly formed companies possess the energy and enthusiasm of their entrepreneurial founder. They often need funding and strategic guidance to help them prioritize among the many business building options available. e.three helps start-ups set up the appropriate legal structure, build a management team and take the company to revenue generation and profitability. If desired, a final step could be a public listing (IPO) or sale to another, often larger, company.

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CEO Advisory

CEO Advisory

Many CEO’s today find themselves too busy to sit back and reflect on where to take their company in the future. e.three’s CEO Strategic Advisory Program takes strategic principles developed over 35 years and applies them to use by CEO’s. These principles help build top and bottom line by focusing on issues such as customer acquisition and retention, finding and exploiting business opportunities, and determining the optimal path to growth.

The Program involves regular monthly sessions, during which the CEO will define his business problem through a series of formalized worksheets. Once the problem is clearly identified, then the CEO will, working jointly with Eric Rosenkranz’s experience and counseling, develop a series of Solutions and Action Steps.

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M&A/Fund Raising/Exits


Many companies find themselves in need of growth capital. e.three can often help bring in small amounts of investment capital from Venture Capital groups or Angel Investors. We also work with specialized fund raising groups to access larger sums. We advise our clients on how best to raise funding while minimizing equity loss.

An often overlooked growth strategy is Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). e.three can help find suitable partners or acquisition candidates and help negotiate the most favorable terms.

At some stage in their business cycle, companies often feel the need to monetize the hard work they have put into growing their business. e.three helps our clients decide whether to IPO (Initial Public Offering—list on a stock exchange), or sell some or all of their shares to another company (Trade Sale).

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